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Top Agri MBA Colleges In Hyderabad

The concept of Agri-Business denotes the activities of agricultural sector integrated in terms of Production, Processing, Marketing and Shipments under different organizational networks. It also covers improved growing techniques, agricultural machinery, fertilizer, pesticides, pre and post harvest handling, storage, transportation, packaging and labeling.

The Agri-business management Program teaches the students the concepts blending both Agricultural Sciences and Business. The students also learn the application of Business Principles to real-world issues and opportunities within the agricultural and life sciences industries.


There are plenty of Job opportunities for those who pursue Agribusiness Management Course. Some of the sectors which they can get into are:

  • Warehousing
  • Retail
  • Seeds companies
  • Fertilizer companies
  • Pesticide companies
  • Banks & Insurance companies
  • Milk & Milk powders
  • Poultry