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Student Assessment

The Student Assessment at Vishwa Vishwani includes Internal and External Assessment. The Internal Assessment is Continuous, whereas the External Assessment is Examination oriented. There are two types of Courses depending on their weight age – 4-credit and 2-credit courses. The break-up of Internal and External Assessments for each of these courses is as shown below:

Internal External Total
4-Credit Course 60 40 100
2-Credit Course 30 20 50

Internal Assessment

This is also called as Continuous Assessment Program (CAP). The marks allocated to CAP are distributed to Mid Term Exam (20), Presentation, Mini Project, Quiz, Attendance etc. Mid-term Exam is conducted in the form of MCQs, Fill in the Blanks and True/False.

External Assessment

The External Assessment is conducted in the form of Written Examinations at the end of each Semester. Examination Time Table, Syllabus and other necessary details will be circulated among the students one month in advance.